Gibraltar autemn 2011

Gibraltar, the Rock with fantastic views, caves, monkeys, tax free alcohol, cigarettes and fuel. Don´t forget your passport when you cross the border from Spain to UK!!! You enter Gibraltar by crossing the runway of the airport.

The astonishing huge chunk of limestone (5km long up to 1.6km wide and 426m high) rising up from the Mediterranean was one of the mythic Pillars of Hercules. The eastern side is made up of sheer cliffs with sandy beaches forming the perimeter. The western slopes are gentler and much of the lower half is the city, with the upper parts there is a large nature reserve.

Gibraltar has been a British colony since 1704 with an engaging mix of British Mediterranean the buildings, culture, style and especially the commerce are British. Legend has it that Britain will retain sovereignty of the rock as long as the famous wild Barbary apes remain.

The Upper Rock reached by either cable car, minibus (tours) or private car there are breathtaking views down to the town, beaches, the Stait of Gibraltar, Bahia de Algeciras and if the weather is clear you can Morocco in detail.

Points of interest, along with the apes, there are dolphins and whales in the bay. Great Siege Tunnels, The Morrish Castle, Military Heritage Centre, St Michael's Cave. Walk through the Main Street, great for shopping if you are missing a little bit of England, with the normal high street stores mixed in with tax free shops. Have lunch or just grab a coffee at the marina (Ocean Village).

Gibraltar is located at the entrance of the Mediterranean, connected to Spain via La Linea. After passing through immigration and customs, the road crosses the runway of Gibraltar airport.


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